The top 10 list of the best restaurants in Bonn

Bonn is a city with a rich culinary diversity that has something to offer for every taste. Whether you fancy traditional German cuisine, exotic specialties or modern fusion dishes, you are guaranteed to find the right restaurant to suit your palate here. In this blog post we present you the top 10 list of the best restaurants in Bonn that you should definitely try.


1. Restaurant Bönnsch
The Restaurant Bönnsch is a real insider tip for anyone who wants to enjoy regional and seasonal dishes in a cozy atmosphere. Here you will be treated to delicacies such as Sauerbraten, Rievkooche or Himmel unääd, which are prepared according to old family recipes. You can also drink a freshly tapped Bönsch beer, which is produced in the in-house brewery.

2. Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal is one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Bonn and offers you an authentic and diverse selection of curries, tandoori dishes and vegetarian dishes. The ingredients are fresh and high quality, the spices are aromatic and the portions are generous. Let the friendly service advise you and enjoy the exotic flavors of India.

3. L'Olivo
L'Olivo is an elegant Italian restaurant that offers you an exquisite selection of pasta, pizza, fish and meat. The dishes are refined and creative, the ingredients are fresh and selected, and the wine list is impressive. The ambiance is stylish and romantic, ideal for a special occasion or a candlelit dinner.

4. Kameha Grand
The Kameha Grand is a luxurious hotel that also houses an excellent restaurant. Here you can embark on a culinary journey that ranges from Mediterranean cuisine to Asian cuisine to modern German cuisine. The dishes are artistically presented and taste excellent, the atmosphere is elegant and modern.

5. Yunico
Yunico is a top-class Japanese restaurant that offers you a fusion of traditional and innovative cuisine. Here you can order sushi, sashimi, tempura or teppanyaki prepared with fresh and quality ingredients. The highlight is the omakase menu, where the chef prepares a customized menu for you. created according to your taste.

6. La Piccola
La Piccola is a quaint Italian restaurant that offers you authentic and rustic cuisine. Here you can order pizza, pasta, salads or meat dishes that are prepared with love and taste. The ambience is cozy and familiar, the service is cordial and courteous.

7. El Tarascon
El Tarascon is an Argentinian steakhouse that offers you a premium selection of meat dishes. Here you can order juicy steaks, spare ribs or burgers prepared on the charcoal grill. You can also choose delicious side dishes such as French fries, salad or corn on the cob. The ambience is rustic and cozy, the service is friendly and fast.

8. Vapiano
Vapiano is a well-known restaurant chain that offers you fresh and quick Italian cuisine. Here you can put together your own pasta, pizza or salad and order it directly at the counter. The ingredients are fresh and tasty, the portions are big; and cheap. The ambiance is modern and lively, ideal for a quick snack or meeting friends.

9. Le Bistrot 99
Le Bistrot 99 is a charming French restaurant that offers you classic and elegant cuisine. Here you can order dishes such as duck breast, rack of lamb or crème brûlée, which are prepared with great finesse and taste. You can choose a suitable wine from the extensive wine list. The ambiance is cozy and stylish, the service is professional and attentive.

10. Restaurant Oliveto
The Restaurant Oliveto is a Mediterranean restaurant that offers you a fresh and healthy cuisine. Here you can order dishes such as hummus, falafel, tabbouleh or lamb kebab, prepared with fresh herbs and spices. You can also have a refreshing juice or an orientaldrink tea. The ambiance is bright and friendly, the service is fast and nice.

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