Restaurant Jolly in Berlin

If you are looking for an authentic and delicious Asian restaurant in Berlin, you should definitely visit Restaurant Jolly. The restaurant is located directly opposite the Pergamon Museum, on a busy street with tourists, trams and S-Bahn trains. The restaurant is spacious and modernly decorated, with an elegant and cozy ambience.

The Jolly Restaurant offers a diverse selection of Cantonese Chinese and Thai dishes made with fresh ingredients and prepared with a lot of love. The house specialties are dim sum and Peking duck, served with pancakes and special sauce. But there is also a wide range of other dishes, such as shrimp with exotic vegetables and oyster sauce, beef with broccoli and garlic, or vegetarian options such as tofu with vegetables and peanut sauce.

The Jolly restaurant is known not only for its excellent cuisine, but also for its attentive and friendly service. The staff are always eager to ensure you have a pleasant stay and help you choose your dishes. You can also reserve a table online or by phone or order take-away.

The Jolly restaurant is an ideal place to fortify yourself after a visit to the Museum Island or to have a romantic evening spend. The prices are a bit high, but the quality and taste of the food is worth it. The Jolly restaurant is a real insider tip for all lovers of Asian cuisine in Berlin.

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