The top 10 list of the best restaurants in Nuremberg

Nuremberg is a city with a rich culinary tradition, which is characterized by Franconian cuisine. Whether bratwurst, gingerbread or shovels, you will find something for every taste here. But international specialties can also be found in Nuremberg, from Asian to Mediterranean to Oriental. In this blog post we present you the top 10 best restaurants in Nuremberg that you should definitely try.


1. Essigbrätlein
The Essigbrätlein is one of the most renowned restaurants in Germany and the only one with two Michelin stars in Nuremberg. The head chef Andree Köthe creates an innovative and creative cuisine based on regional and seasonal products. The dishes are often inspired by nature and play with different textures, flavors and colors. The menu changes regularly and always offers new surprises. The vinegar roll is an experience for all the senses and a must for gourmets.

2. Würzhaus
The Würzhaus is a cozy and modern restaurant that reinterprets Franconian classics. The head chef, Diana Burkel, attaches great importance to high-quality ingredients from the region and gives them a special touch with spices and herbs. The result is refined and delicious dishes that are both traditional and contemporary. are. The Würzhaus also offers a wide range of wines, beers and cocktails that go perfectly with the food.

3. Padelle d'Italia
Padelle d'Italia is an authentic Italian restaurant specializing in fresh pasta. The pasta is homemade daily and served with different sauces inspired by the different regions of Italy. Whether carbonara, bolognese or pesto, here you will find the whole variety of Italian cuisine. The Padelle d'Italia is an ideal place for a romantic evening or a convivial lunch with friends.

4. Sushi Glas
The Sushi Glas is a modern and elegant restaurant that offers Japanese cuisine at the highest level. The sushi masters prepare artistic creations in front of the guests, which impress both visually and in terms of taste. In addition to sushi, there are also other Japanese specialties such as tempura, ramen and teriyaki. The Sushi Glass is a paradise for sushi lovers and everyone who appreciates Japanese culture.

5. Bratwurst Röslein
The Bratwurst Röslein is the largest bratwurst restaurant in the world and a real Nuremberg institution. The famous Nuremberg grilled sausages have been served here for over 600 years and are made according to a strictly guarded recipe. The sausages are grilled on beech wood and served with sauerkraut, potato salad or rolls. The Bratwurst Röslein is a must for anyone who wants to experience the Franconian tradition.

6. Alte Küch'n
The Alte Küch'n is a quaint and cozy restaurant housed in a historic half-timbered house. Here, down-to-earth and hearty cuisine is served, which is typical of Nuremberg. Whether it's shovels, carp or game dishes, everything here is freshly prepared and served with love. The Alte Küch'n is a place to feel good and enjoy.

7. Koch und Kellner
The Koch und Kellner is a stylish and friendly restaurant that offers modern and creative cuisine. Here, chef Christian Rottmann conjures up dishes that are influenced by French, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. The menu changes depending on the season and always offers new highlights. The Koch und Kellner is a restaurant for everyone who likes to be surprised.

8. Maharaja
The Maharaja is an exotic and colorful restaurant that offers Indian cuisine at its finest. The dishes are prepared according to traditional recipes and refined with aromatic spices. Whether curry, tandoori or biryani, you can find the whole range of Indian cuisine here. The Maharaja is a restaurant for everyone who likes hot and spicy food.

9. La Piazzetta
La Piazzetta is a charming and cozy restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine with a twistn Orient offers. The dishes are prepared with fresh and regional ingredients and refined with oriental spices such as cinnamon, cardamom or saffron. Whether tapas, couscous or paella, you will find an exciting mix of different cultures here. La Piazzetta is a restaurant for everyone who likes to be curious and experiment.

10. Goldenes Posthorn
The Goldenes Posthorn is the oldest wine bar in Germany and a historical monument. Here you can enjoy wines from all over the world, selected by an experienced sommelier, in a unique atmosphere. There are also small snacks such as cheese, ham or olives that go perfectly with the wines. The Golden Posthorn is a restaurant for everyone who loves wine and appreciates history.

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