The top 10 list of the best restaurants in Neubrandenburg

Neubrandenburg is a city in northeast Germany known for its medieval city walls, four Gothic city gates and picturesque Tollensesee. But what about the city's culinary offerings? Where can you go to eat well in Neubrandenburg? In this blog post we introduce you to the top 10 best restaurants in Neubrandenburg that have something to offer for every taste and budget.


1. Restaurant Alte Schule
The Restaurant Alte Schule is located in a historic building from the 18th century that was formerly a school. Here you can enjoy regional specialties such as Mecklenburg rib roast, fish soup or game dishes, which are prepared with fresh local ingredients. The ambience is cozy and rustic, with exposed beams, a fireplace and antique furniture.

2. Restaurant Amadeus
The Restaurant Amadeus is a modern and elegant establishment that offers Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of the Orient. The menu is varied and creative, with dishes such as rack of lamb with couscous, lobster bisque or beef fillet with Gorgonzola sauce. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list and a beautiful terrace overlooking the lake.

3. Restaurant Zum Goldenen Löwen
The Restaurant Zum Goldenen Löwen is a traditional inn that has existed since 1890 and is located in the heart of the old town. Here you can taste classic German cuisine such as schnitzel, bratwurst or pork knuckle, served with homemade side dishes. The restaurant is also known for its home-brewed beers, which you can enjoy in a rustic beer garden.

4. La Dolce Vita Restaurant
La Dolce Vita Restaurant is an authentic Italian restaurant run by an Italian couple. The menu offers a selection of pizza, pasta, salads and meat dishes, all freshly and deliciously prepared. The restaurant has a friendly and familiar atmosphere, with an open kitchen and colorful decoration.

5. Asia Wok Restaurant
Asia Wok Restaurant is an Asian quick-service restaurant that offers fresh and healthy dishes to take away or eat on site. You can choose from various wok dishes prepared with rice or noodles, vegetables, meat or tofu and various sauces. The restaurant is simply and cleanly decorated, with a self-service concept.

6. Restaurant Café Konditorei Röntgen
The restaurant Café Konditorei Röntgen is a popular meeting place for coffee and cake lovers in Neubrandenburg. The Café offers a variety of homemade tarts, cakes and pastries that you can enjoy in a cozy and bright space. The Café also offers savory dishes such as soups, salads or quiches, ideal for a light midday snack.

7. Restaurant Steakhaus El Toro
The Restaurant Steakhaus El Toro is an Argentine steakhouse that specializes in juicy grilled steaks. You can choose from different types of meat such as beef, pork or lamb, prepared according to your taste. The restaurant has a warm and inviting atmosphere, with wooden furniture, candlelight and South American music.

8. Restaurant Seerose
The Restaurant Seerose is a romantic restaurant on the banks of the Tollensesee that offers a wonderful view of the water. The restaurant serves upscale German cuisine with seasonal and regional ingredients, such as pike-perch fillet with asparagus, venison with cranberries or apple strudel with vanilla ice cream. The restaurant has an elegant and stylish interior, with white tablecloths, crystal glasses and floral arrangements.

9. Restaurant Puszta Stube
The Puszta Stube restaurant is a Hungarian restaurant that brings you closer to the tastes and flavors of Hungary. The menu offers typical Hungarian dishes such as goulash soup, paprika chicken or pancakes, which are seasoned with lots of paprika, garlic and sour cream. The restaurant has a cozy and familiar atmosphere, with red walls, wooden tables and Hungarian souvenirs.

10. Restaurant Zum Schwan
The Restaurant Zum Schwan is a Greek restaurant that offers you the MediterraneanAnother cuisine of Greece is presented. The menu offers a selection of meze, salads, grills and fish specialties, all prepared fresh and tasty. The restaurant has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with blue and white colors, Greek images and a terrace overlooking the market square.