The top 10 list of the best restaurants in Magdeburg

Magdeburg is a city with a rich culinary diversity that has something to offer for every taste. Whether you fancy regional specialties, international cuisine or vegetarian and vegan dishes, you are guaranteed to find the right restaurant to suit your taste buds here. In this blog post we present you the top 10 list of the best restaurants in Magdeburg that you should definitely try.

1. Restaurant Alte Posthalterei
The Restaurant Alte Posthalterei is located in a historic building from the 17th century that formerly served as a post office. Today you can enjoy classic German cuisine with modern accents in a stylish ambience. The menu offers a selection of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients. For example, try the beef fillet with potato gratin and red wine sauce or the pike perch on leaf spinach with Riesling cream. As a dessert we recommend the homemade apple tart with vanilla ice cream.

2. Restaurant El Chico
If you are in the mood for Mexican flair, then the Restaurant El Chico is the right address for you. Here you can enjoy authentic Mexican specialties such as burritos, enchiladas, tacos and nachos filled with fresh vegetables, cheese, meat or fish. You can also order a variety of sauces, salads and side dishes to round off your taste. Of course, the typical drinks such as margaritas, tequila or Corona should not be missing. The El Chico restaurant is colorfully and comfortably furnished and offers a relaxed atmosphere for a sociable evening.

3. La Gondola Restaurant
The La Gondola restaurant is a real insider tip for all lovers of Italian cuisine. Here you will be welcomed by a friendly team who will be happy to help you choose from the extensive menu. Whether pizza, pasta, salad or meat dishes, you will find everything an Italian fan's heart desires here. The dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and great attention to detail and taste simply delicious. The La Gondola restaurant is small and cozy and conveys a feeling of dolce vita.


4. Restaurant Maharaja
The Restaurant Maharaja is a paradise for all fans of Indian cuisine. Here you can embark on a culinary journey through the different regions of India and discover the diversity of spices, flavors and colors. The menu offers a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes prepared according to traditional recipes. Whether mild or spicy, whether lamb, chicken or fish, there is something here for every taste. The Maharaja Restaurant is elegantly and exotically decorated and offers excellent service.

5. Restaurant Zum Lindenweiler
The Restaurant Zum Lindenweiler is a rustic inn with a long tradition. Here you can enjoy regional specialties such as roast pork, roulades or sauerbraten, which are prepared according to old family recipes, in a rustic atmosphere. Portions are generous and prices are fair. You can also drink a cold beer or a good wine and feel at home. The Zum Lindenweiler restaurant is a popular meeting place for locals and visitors and offers a cozy atmosphere.

6. Restaurant Sakura
The Restaurant Sakura is a modern Japanese restaurant that offers you a culinary experience. Here you can not only order sushi, sashimi or tempura, but also sit at a teppanyaki table and watch your food being prepared right in front of you. The chefs are true masters of their craft and will conjure up delicious dishes made from fresh fish, meat and vegetables. The Sakura restaurant is bright and stylishly furnished and offers a pleasant atmosphere.

7. Restaurant Le Frog
The Restaurant Le Frog is a French bistro that offers you a selection of typical dishes from French cuisine. Whether quiche, croque monsieur, ratatouille or coq au vin, you will find everything a France lover's heart desires here. The dishes are prepared with high quality ingredients and lots of flavor and taste like in Paris. The restaurant Le Frog is charming and cozy and offers friendly service.

8. Restaurant Peking
The Restaurant Peking is a traditional Chinese restaurant that offers you a variety of dishes from Chinese cuisine. Whether soup, starter, main course or dessert, you will find everything you want here. The dishes are prepared with fresh vegetables, meat or fish and refined with various sauces and spices. The Peking restaurant is simply and elegantly furnished and offers a calm atmosphere.

9. Istanbul Restaurant
The Istanbul Restaurant is a Turkish restaurant that offers you a selection of dishes from Turkish cuisine. Whether it's Döner, Lahmacun, Pide or Köfte, you'll find everything you can imagine here. The dishes are prepared with fresh meat, vegetables and cheese and served with various sauces and salads. The Istanbul restaurant is colorful and lively with a cheerful atmosphere.

10. Veggie House Restaurant
The Veggie House Restaurant is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant that offers a selection of dishes from international cuisine. Whether it's a burger, curry, pasta or salad, you'll find everything you could wish for here. The dishes are prepared with fresh and organic ingredients and simply taste delicious. The Veggie House restaurant is modern and friendly with a relaxed atmosphere.