The top 10 list of the best restaurants in Lüneburg

Lüneburg is a city with a rich history, a vibrant culture and a diverse gastronomy. Whether you fancy regional specialties, international cuisine or vegetarian dishes, you are guaranteed to find the right restaurant to suit your taste in Lüneburg. In this blog post we present you the top 10 list of the best restaurants in L&uum;neburg that you should definitely try.

1. The Old Department Store
The Old Department Store is a historic building from the 16th century that is located directly on the Ilmenau. Here you can enjoy classic German cuisine with a modern twist in a stylish ambience. Try, for example, the beef fillet with potato gratin and red wine jus or the pike perch fried on the skin with leaf spinach and mashed potatoes. The Old Department Store also offers a beautiful view of the water and the old town.

2. La Piazza
La Piazza is a cozy Italian restaurant that serves authentic pizza, pasta and salads. The ingredients are fresh and of high quality, the dough is homemade and the pizzas are baked in a stone oven. The portions are generous and the prices are fair. La Piazza also has a wide selection of wines that pair perfectly with the dishes.

3. Caféé Central
Café Central is a popular meeting place for coffee and cake lovers. The Café offers a large selection of homemade tarts, cakes and pastries that are freshly prepared every day. Whether you fancy a Black Forest cake, an apple strudel or a nut corner, you will find it here. The Café also has a cozy atmosphere with a beautiful courtyard.


4. Zum Roten Tore
Zum Roten Tore is a rustic restaurant located in a former city gate from the 14th century. The restaurant is known for its hearty meat dishes, such as the pork knuckle with sauerkraut and potatoes or the rump steak with herb butter and French fries. Zum Roten Tore also has a large selection of beers and a rustic interior.

5. Maharaja
Maharaja is an Indian restaurant that brings you closer to the diversity of Indian cuisine. Here you can taste spicy curries, aromatic tandoori dishes and crispy samosas. The dishes are prepared with fresh spices and herbs and are suitable for both meat eaters and vegetarians. Maharaja also has friendly service and colorful decoration.

6. L'Osteria
L'Osteria is a modern restaurant offering Mediterranean specialities. Here you can enjoy fresh salads, delicious antipasti and sophisticated pasta dishes. The highlight, however, are the huge pizzas that stick out of the box and that you can also share. L'Osteria also has an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs at work.

7. Sushi Bar
Sushi Bar is a Japanese restaurant that will introduce you to the art of sushi. Here you can order different types of sushi, such as nigiri, maki or California rolls, or let the sushi master surprise you. The sushi are fresh, tasty and healthy. Sushi Bar also has an elegant atmosphere with a wooden interior.

8. El Toro
El Toro is a Spanish restaurant that brings you the culinary delights of Spain. Here you can feast on tapas, paella, tortilla and other Spanish delicacies. The tapas are great for sharing and trying different flavors. El Toro also has a large selection of Spanish wines and Sangria.

9. Zum Alten Schifferhaus
Zum Alten Schifferhaus is a traditional restaurant located in a half-timbered house from the 17th century. The restaurant specializes in fish and seafood dishes, made from fresh and local produce. For example, try the salmon with dill sauce and rice or the mussels in white wine sauce with baguette. Zum Alten Schifferhaus also has a cozy atmosphere with a fireplace and a winter garden.

10. Ratskeller
Ratskeller is a historic restaurant located in the basement of the 13th century town hall. The restaurant offersan upscale German cuisine with seasonal and regional ingredients. For example, try the goose leg with red cabbage and dumplings or the roast venison with cranberries and spaetzle. Ratskeller also has impressive architecture with vaulted ceilings and murals.

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