The top 10 list of the best restaurants in Lübeck

Lübeck is a city with a rich culinary tradition that stretches from the Hanseatic era to the present. Whether you fancy fish, meat, vegetarian or vegan dishes, you are guaranteed to find a restaurant in L&uum;beck that meets your taste. In this blog post we introduce you to the top 10 best restaurants in L&uum;beck that you should definitely visit.

  1. Schiffergesellschaft: This historic restaurant is located in a former sailor's house from the 16th century and offers an authentic atmosphere and regional specialties such as Labskaus, Matjes or Rä ucheel. The Schiffergesellschaft is the oldest restaurant in Lübeck and a popular meeting place for locals and tourists.

  2. Wullenwever: If you want to treat yourself to something special, then the Wullenwever is the right address for you. The star restaurant pampers its guests with creative and sophisticated dishes made from seasonal and local ingredients. The wine list is also impressive and offers a selection of fine wines from all over the world.

  3. Kartoffelspeicher: The potato warehouse is a cozy restaurant in the heart of the old town that is entirely dedicated to the topic of potatoes. Here you can choose from a variety of potato dishes, from fried potatoes to potato soup to potato pizza. There are also many delicious options for vegetarians and vegans.

  4. Schabbelhaus: The Schabbelhaus is a traditional restaurant with a long history that has existed since 1668. The restaurant serves typical northern German cuisine with a touch of French flair. The menu offers classics such as schnitzel, beef roulades or kale, but also modern creations such as salmon fillet with lemongrass or chicken breast with mango chutney.

  5. Miera: Miera is a modern and stylish restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisine with a twist. The restaurant places emphasis on fresh and high-quality ingredients, which are processed into delicious tapas, salads, pasta or meat dishes. Miera is also known for its excellent cocktails and relaxed atmosphere.

  6. Niederegger: No visit to L&uum;beck is complete without a detour to Niederegger, the famous manufacturer of marzipan. In the café You can not only try the different types of marzipan, but also other sweet treats such as tarts, cakes or chocolates. The Café also offers savory dishes such as soups, sandwiches or quiches.

  7. Schröder's: Schröder's is a quaint and rustic restaurant that specializes in game specialties. Here you can enjoy wild boar, roe deer, deer or pheasant in various variations, accompanied by homemade side dishes such as red cabbage, dumplings or spaetzle. Schröder's is an ideal place for a cozy evening with friends or family.

  8. Vai: Vai is a trendy and elegant restaurant offering Asian fusion cuisine. The restaurant combines elements from various Asian cuisines such as Thai, Vietnamese or Japanese to create innovative and delicious dishes. The menu offers a selection of sushi, soups, curries or wok dishes, all freshly and aromatically prepared.

  9. Ristorante Roberto: The Ristorante Roberto is an authentic Italian restaurant that has existed in Lübeck for over 30 years. The restaurant offers a large selection of Italian specialties such as pizza, pasta, risotto or meat and fish dishes. The portions are generous and the prices are fair.

  10. Cafeé Miss Brömse: The Café Fräulein Brömse is a charming café; in a historic 13th century building that once served as a nunnery. The Café offers a variety of homemade cakes, tarts and pastries that you can enjoy in a cozy atmosphere. The Café also offers breakfast, lunch and brunch.

These were our top 10 of the best restaurants in Lübeck. We hope that you will try out some of them on your next visit to the Hanseatic citybecome. Enjoy your meal!