The top 10 list of the best restaurants in Krefeld

Krefeld is a city with a rich culinary diversity that has something to offer for every taste. Whether you fancy traditional German cuisine, exotic specialties or modern fusion dishes, you are guaranteed to find the right restaurant to suit your palate here. In this blog post we present you the top 10 list of the best restaurants in Krefeld that you should definitely try.


1. Restaurant Mühlenhof
The Restaurant Mühlenhof is a cozy country inn with an idyllic beer garden that serves regional and seasonal dishes. Here you can look forward to homemade specialties such as beef roulades, sauerbraten or asparagus, which are prepared with fresh local ingredients. The Mühlenhof restaurant is the perfect place for a relaxed family outing or a romantic evening for two.

2. Restaurant El Greco
The Restaurant El Greco is an authentic Greek restaurant that brings you closer to Mediterranean cuisine. Delicious mezze, fresh fish, juicy meat and crunchy vegetables await you here, refined with aromatic herbs and spices. The El Greco restaurant offers you a cozy atmosphere with Greek music and friendly service.

3. Restaurant La Piazza
The Restaurant La Piazza is an Italian restaurant that presents you the diversity of Italian cuisine. Here you can look forward to classic pizza, pasta and salads, but also to sophisticated creations such as salmon fillet in orange sauce or veal medallions in Gorgonzola sauce. The La Piazza restaurant impresses with its modern ambience with stylish furnishings and a beautiful outdoor area.

4. Sakura Restaurant
Sakura Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant that shows you the art of Japanese cuisine. Here you can look forward to fresh sushi, spicy sashimi, crispy tempura and spicy teriyaki, prepared with a lot of love and skill. Sakura Restaurant offers an elegant atmosphere with a teppanyaki grill and a sushi bar.

5. Taj Mahal Restaurant
The Taj Mahal Restaurant is an Indian restaurant that offers you the exoticism of Indian cuisine. Here you can look forward to aromatic curries, succulent tandoori dishes, crispy naan bread and sweet desserts seasoned with a variety of spices. The Taj Mahal Restaurant offers you a colorful atmosphere with Indian art and music.

6. Restaurant Le Bistrot
The Restaurant Le Bistrot is a French restaurant that brings you the elegance of French cuisine. Here you can look forward to fine starters, sophisticated main courses and delicious desserts, prepared with high-quality ingredients and a lot of finesse. The restaurant Le Bistrot offers you a charming atmosphere with a touch of Paris.

7. Thai Orchid Restaurant
Thai Orchid Restaurant is a Thai restaurant that brings you the spice of Thai cuisine. Here you can look forward to spicy soups, crisp salads, creamy curries and fried noodles, which are refined with fresh vegetables, coconut milk and chili. Thai Orchid Restaurant offers you a tropical atmosphere with Thai decoration and flowers.

8. Restaurant Steakhouse El Rancho
The Restaurant Steakhouse El Rancho is an Argentine restaurant that shows you the power of Argentine cuisine. Here you can look forward to juicy steaks, spicy sausages, crispy fries and fresh salads, served with a selection of sauces. The Steakhouse El Rancho restaurant offers a rustic atmosphere with an open grill and a fireplace.

9. China Garden Restaurant
The China Garden Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant that offers you the versatility of Chinese cuisine. Here you can look forward to sweet and sour, spicy, baked and steamed dishes that are combined with rice, noodles or vegetables. The China Garden Restaurant offers you a friendly atmosphere with Chinese lanterns and dragons.

10. Restaurant Café Extra sheet
The Restaurant Café Extrablatt is a German Restaurant that offers you the comfort of German cuisine. Here you can look forward to hearty schnitzels, juicy burgers, delicious tarte flambées and sweet waffles, which can be enjoyed with a cold beer or a hot coffee. The Café é Extrablatt offers you a relaxed atmosphere with a large terrace and a playground.

These were our top 10 list of the best restaurants in Krefeld. We hope that you will try one of these restaurants on your next visit to Krefeld and let us know what you think. Bon appetit!