The top 10 list of the best restaurants in Kiel

Kiel is a beautiful city on the Baltic Sea, which is known not only for its maritime atmosphere, but also for its culinary diversity. Whether you fancy regional specialties, international cuisine or vegetarian dishes, you are guaranteed to find a restaurant in Kiel that suits your taste. In this blog post we present you the top 10 list of the best restaurants in Kiel that you should definitely try.

  1. Restaurant Fischers Fritz: This restaurant is a paradise for fish lovers. Here you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood in various variations, from classic herring rolls to sophisticated fish soups and exotic sushi creations. The Fischers Fritz restaurant is located directly at the harbor and offers a wonderful view of the water.

  2. Restaurant Lüneburg: If you like traditional German cuisine, Restaurant Lüneburg is the right place for you. Here you will be served hearty dishes such as roast pork, beef roulades or kale with smoked pork, which you can round off with a cold beer or a glass of wine. The Lüneburg restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and friendly service.

  3. Restaurant La Piazza: For a touch of Italy in Kiel, we recommend the Restaurant La Piazza. Here you can order authentic Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta, salads or antipasti, prepared with fresh ingredients and a lot of love. The La Piazza restaurant has a modern interior and a large terrace where you can sit when the weather is nice.

  4. Restaurant Maharaja: If you like spicy food, you should visit Restaurant Maharaja. Delicious Indian dishes such as curry, tandoori or biryani await you here, which are refined with aromatic spices and herbs. Maharaja Restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and friendly service.

  5. Restaurant Veggie House: For all vegetarians and vegans among you, we have selected the Veggie House restaurant. Here you will find a large selection of meat-free dishes that are both healthy and delicious. Whether you want a crisp salad, a hearty soup or a juicy burger, you will find it at the Veggie House restaurant. The Veggie House restaurant has a bright and modern ambience and a relaxed atmosphere.

  6. Restaurant El Sombrero: For a trip to Mexico we recommend the restaurant El Sombrero. Here you can enjoy Mexican specialties such as nachos, burritos, enchiladas or quesadillas filled with cheese, beans, meat or vegetables. The El Sombrero restaurant has a colorful and cheerful decoration and a lively atmosphere.

  7. Le Bistro Restaurant: If you are craving French cuisine, you should visit Le Bistro Restaurant. Here you can treat yourself to classic dishes such as Quiche Lorraine, Coq au Vin or Crème Brûlée, prepared with high-quality ingredients and lots of flavor. The restaurant Le Bistro has an elegant and romantic atmosphere and an attentive service.

  8. Restaurant Asia Wok: For a quick and cheap snack, we recommend the Restaurant Asia Wok. Here you can put together your own wok by choosing from various noodles, rice, vegetables, meat or tofu and refine them with a sauce of your choice. The Asia Wok restaurant has a simple and practical setup and quick preparation.

  9. Restaurant Café del Sol: For a cozy brunch or coffee, we recommend the restaurant Café del Sol. Here you can help yourself to a rich buffet that offers both sweet and savory dishes. Whether you want a croissant, a scrambled egg or a cereal, in the Café del Sol will fill you up. The Café é del Sol has a bright and friendly atmosphere and a large selection of drinks.

  10. Restaurant Steakhouse Maredo: For a juicy steak experience, we recommend the Steakhouse Maredo restaurant. Here you can choose from various...Choose from any type of meat, cut and doneness and combine them with a side dish and sauce of your choice. The Restaurant Steakhouse Maredo has a rustic and cozy atmosphere and competent advice.