The top 10 list of the best restaurants in Greifswald

Greifswald is a beautiful city on the Baltic Sea, known not only for its university and historic buildings, but also for its culinary diversity. Whether you are in the mood for regional specialties, international cuisine or vegetarian dishes, you are sure to find the right restaurant to suit your taste in Greifswald. In this blog post, we present the top 10 top list of the best restaurants in Greifswald that you should definitely try.

1. Restaurant Zur Fhre
The Restaurant Zur Fhre is located directly on the Ryck and offers a wonderful view of the water and the sailing boats. Here you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood delivered daily from the port. The menu changes according to the season and also offers meat and vegetarian dishes. The ambience is cozy and maritime, the service friendly and attentive.

2. Restaurant Caspar David Friedrich
The Restaurant Caspar David Friedrich is named after the famous painter who was born in Greifswald. The restaurant is housed in a historical building from the 18th century and offers an elegant and stylish atmosphere. The cuisine is modern and creative, using local and seasonal ingredients. The wine list is extensive and offers the right accompaniment to every dish.

3. Restaurant Mühlencafé
The Restaurant Mühlencafé is an insider tip for everyone who loves homemade cakes and tarts. The restaurant is in an old mill from the 15th century and has an idyllic garden with a pond. Here you can enjoy not only sweet treats, but also savory dishes such as quiche, salad or soup. The Mühlencafé is an ideal place for a cozy coffee break or a romantic date.


4. Restaurant Pommersche Art
The Restaurant Pommersche Art is a paradise for everyone who likes hearty and traditional dishes. The restaurant serves typical Pomeranian specialties such as pork knuckle, smoked pork or herring salad, prepared according to old recipes. The restaurant has a rustic and quaint interior that is reminiscent of a farmhouse parlor. Here you can feel at home and experience Pomeranian hospitality.

5. Restaurant La Dolce Vita
The Restaurant La Dolce Vita brings a piece of Italy to Greifswald. The restaurant offers authentic Italian cuisine with fresh ingredients and homemade pasta. The menu offers a wide selection of pizza, pasta, salad, meat and fish dishes as well as desserts. The restaurant has a modern and bright interior that invites you to linger. Here you can feel like you are on vacation and enjoy the dolce vita.

6. Taj Mahal Restaurant
The Taj Mahal Restaurant is a must for anyone who loves Indian cuisine. The restaurant offers a diverse selection of Indian dishes prepared with fresh herbs and spices. The menu offers both vegetarian and meat dishes, divided according to different regions of India. The restaurant has a colorful and exotic interior that makes you dream.

7. Restaurant Zum Alten Fritz
The Restaurant Zum Alten Fritz is a classic among the restaurants in Greifswald. The restaurant is located in a historic half-timbered house from the 17th century and has a cozy beer garden. Here you can enjoy German cuisine with a touch of France, prepared with regional products. The menu offers both meat and vegetarian dishes, which are prepared with great attention to detail.

8. Restaurant Akropolis
The Restaurant Akropolis is a popular meeting place for everyone who appreciates Greek cuisine. The restaurant offers a rich selection of Greek specialties such as gyros, souvlaki, moussaka or tzatziki, which are prepared with fresh vegetables and olive oil. The menu also offers seafood, salads and desserts. The restaurant has a warm and family atmosphere that invites you to feel good.

9. Restaurant Sushi Bar
The Restaurant Sushi Bar is a paradise for those who love Japanese cuisine. The restaurant offers a wide variety of sushi,Sashimi, maki and nigiri prepared with fresh fish and rice. The menu also offers warm dishes such as soups, noodles or tempura. The restaurant has a simple and elegant interior that invites you to enjoy.

10. Veggie House Restaurant
The Veggie House restaurant is a tip for everyone who prefers vegetarian or vegan cuisine. The restaurant offers a colorful selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes prepared with fresh and organic ingredients. The menu offers both Asian and European dishes, refined with creative sauces and spices. The restaurant has a bright and friendly interior that invites you to relax.