The top 10 list of the best restaurants in Cuxhaven

Cuxhaven is a city on the North Sea known for its beautiful beaches, harbor and maritime culture. But what can you eat there? In this blog post we introduce you to the top 10 best restaurants in Cuxhaven that you should definitely try when you visit the city.


1. Fish Restaurant Zur Post
The fish restaurant Zur Post is a traditional restaurant that serves fresh fish and seafood from the region. Here you can enjoy classic dishes such as herring, crabs or plaice, but also creative variations such as fish soup with coconut milk or salmon with honey mustard sauce. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and a beautiful beer garden.

2. Restaurant Seeterrassen
The Restaurant Seeterrassen offers a spectacular view of the North Sea and the island of Neuwerk. The cuisine is modern and varied, with influences from Mediterranean, Asian and regional cuisine. Whether you fancy a steak, pasta, salad or a vegetarian dish, you'll find it here. The restaurant also has a large selection of wines and cocktails.

3. Caféé Hohenzollern
The Café Hohenzollern is a historic café that has existed since 1890. Here you can treat yourself to a delicious breakfast, a homemade cake or a hearty snack. The Café has an elegant charm and a large terrace overlooking the castle garden.

4. Restaurant Elbe 1
The Restaurant Elbe 1 is a modern restaurant located in the Dicke Berta lighthouse. The restaurant offers creative cuisine using regional products and seasonal ingredients. The menu changes regularly and always offers new surprises. The highlight is the panoramic view of the mouth of the Elbe and the ships that pass by.

5. Pizzeria Da Franco
Pizzeria Da Franco is an authentic Italian pizzeria that has existed in Cuxhaven since 1985. Here you can enjoy a crispy pizza from the stone oven, fresh pasta or a crisp salad. The pizzeria has a family atmosphere and friendly service.

6. Restaurant Strandhus
The Restaurant Strandhus is a cozy restaurant located directly on the beach. The restaurant offers regional cuisine with fish and meat specialties, but also vegetarian and vegan options. What's special is the opportunity to sit outside in summer and watch the sunset over the sea.

7. Restaurant Ratskeller
The Restaurant Ratskeller is a rustic restaurant located in the historic town hall of Cuxhaven. The restaurant offers German cuisine with hearty dishes such as schnitzel, fried potatoes or pork knuckle. The restaurant has a rustic interior and a fireplace that creates a cozy atmosphere.

8. Restaurant Seeblick
The Restaurant Seeblick is an elegant restaurant located in the Hotel Seelust. The restaurant offers fine dining with international dishes and an emphasis on fish and seafood. The restaurant has a stylish atmosphere and a wonderful view of the North Sea.

9. Caféé Cream
The Café Creme is a sweet café that specializes in tarts, cakes and ice cream. Here you can treat yourself to a delicious cake such as Black Forest Cherry, Sachertorte or Frankfurter Kranz, or try a creamy ice cream made in-house. The Café has a bright and friendly interior and a playground for children.

10. Restaurant Zum alten Lotsenhaus
The Restaurant Zum alten Lotsenhaus is a historic restaurant located in a former pilot house from the 18th century. The restaurant offers maritime cuisine with fish and meat dishes, but also vegetarian and vegan options. The restaurant has a nostalgic atmosphere and a great location by the harbor.

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